Missiology Book Review: Beyond Christendom

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Hanciles, Jehu. Beyond Christendom. Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2008.

In this book Hanciles looks at three different subjects: 1) globalization, 2) African migration, and 3) the transformation of the West by these immigrants. Hanciles’ main argument is that migration and mission are inextricably connected. He shows that migration and Christian expansion have always gone hand in hand, and that in the West migration will change the shape of Christianity.

One of the most insightful chapters in this book is his chapter on assimilation. His exposition of the straight-line model, or “Anglo-conformity” model, helps the reader understand the immigrant experience in a new way. Anglo-conformity assumes that Anglo-Saxon culture is the superior and normative culture, and that immigrants should conform to this culture. He shows that this has been the assimilation model that most Americans have bought in to. (Think for a moment… do you feel as though this is…

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Book Review on Beyond Christendom by Jehu Hanciles

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This book was an interesting study on religious expansion throughout the globe as a whole. Hanciles, being from Africa, provides a unique perspective on globalization and how trends are moving through the Western as well as Non-Western Worlds. The book is divided into three portions, those being globalization and the key factors that have lead up to the stage in which we find ourselves in now, the reshaping of the world order and what role international migrations play in it, and finally exploring the movement of South to North and how religion has moved as such.

Chapter one discusses globalization including its descriptions, debate surrounding it, and the destiny for which it is headed. Hanciles notes three factors leading to the rapid expansion of globalization. They are: Global time keeping, the moon landing, and the Living Room and room for living. This chapter is quite interesting because it shows the…

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