Simple Things About Discipline

Mantap… Ganbate!!!

dic.tion.ary of Doules

My work sometimes takes me to a place far away that I never know before. Sometimes this makes me tired but encouraged me to have a constant discipline to make things easy and orderly. I still learn to manage time for my family and me, my life, my hobbies, my social life, my spiritual time (Bible study and pray), and also social media time. There are many things to do. Laundry piled up, cleaning my room, pay a fee of rent, managing money, shopping list to do, rest, art, cooking, praying and seeking God, caring for family and friends (and the most important is the job).

Sometimes I let everything fall apart, I don’t care and too lazy. As a result I found a lot of laundry, no time for exercise, sleep deprivation, unhealthy food and sick then (I was infected by dengue fever last month-will tell you about the…

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